Tartufata 500GR

Keep truffle sauce on hand in your pizzeria, trattoria or gourmet sandwich shop for seasoning or to place on the diner’s plate before presenting it to the table. Italian chefs love truffle sauce for creating numerous dishes and for the ease of applying it to preparations.

The fine truffle sauce combines delicious summer truffle, chopped mushrooms and olives mixed with sunflower oil and extra virgin olive oil.

This product is for you if price is your priority. Truffle sauce is ideal for offering economical menus with generous applications of truffle on the plate in your restaurant. Without raising the price.

If you want to replace the artificially flavoured truffle seasonings you have in your restaurant. Try our truffle sauce free of preservatives and colourings.

No more rushing to the supermarket to buy condiments because you ran out at the last minute. You can buy summer truffle sauce online and we deliver it directly to your restaurant’s door.

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